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We welcome all your sandblasting needs. At PPC we have three state of the art sandblast rooms custom built 12ft H x12ft W x50ft L which has given us the ability to process large pieces of materials. At PPC we are specialized in quality blasting since 1997, grit blasting, aluminum oxide blasting, sandblasting and, glass bead blasting which is a less aggressive way of removing rust and scale from a variety of metals. It’s especially suited for thinner gage metals as it will not warp or bend them. It prepares a rust- free surface to make it suitable for further processing for power coating or paint.Typically this process is used prior to the application of a primer coat or for clean a looking surface. At PPC we provide a fast turnaround time and services that’s done right the first time, every time. Contact PPC for hourly rate for blasting.




Different Tapes Used To Mask Parts 


Parts After Sandblasting

Partial Blast