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I was a lonely and very sad bird without colors, until I found Professional Powder Coating Ltd, to show off my true colors. I put my trust in PPC to keep my blend of colors shining; I relied on no other than PPC. Without color I am hopeless. I share my happiness with my friends and I am not alone on the road.
I just want you to know that colour isn't only the key factor. Preparation is very important for quality and durability it’s like going outside on a very freezing day without a jacket. At PPC we ensure to get the job done right the first time, every time. This process is to ensure that repetition is not necessary due to a careless job. At PPC, we provide a variety of different types of sandblasting: steel grit, aluminum oxide, sand and glass bead also chemical washing to provide excellent results every time. We also provide protection such as masking to your item if it’s required. Here are some of the things we do: motorcycle and car frames, rims, stone chip free and accessories. Decorative or artistic steel or aluminum. Prepare to be totally satisfied .You’ll benefit from fast turnaround and a job that’s done right, the first time, every time.