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Welcome to Professional Powder Coating Ltd for your one stop shop powder coating, sandblasting/burn off stripping needs. At PPC, we do it all.  We will get the job done no matter how big or small your project may be. We specialize in custom coating, industrial, architectural and production, including sandblasting. Our four types of materials are: abrasive steel grit, aluminum oxide, sand and glass bead. We also provide quality sandblasting service to the public. Our sandblast machine is 12ft W x 12ft H x 50ft L.  Weight is no problem. PPC has specialized in epoxy under coatings, and super durable top coats which protect indoor and outdoor products from chemical damage, rust corrosion etc, for over 17 years. We also provide burn off service to the public. At PPC our top priority is to deliver fast, reliable service. We provide; epoxy, super durable polyester, hybrid, smooth and sandtex texture, and gloss finish. We carry it all.

Note: Professional Powder Coating Ltd. would be ISO registered by the ending of September 2015.